The first thing you notice in New Zealand is our bright, clear, crisp light. Its colour saturates our landscape and intensifies the vivid flavours in our natural produce.

This same light has provided a beautiful new range of sparkling wines, created from some of the best of New Zealand for those who outshine the ordinary – Te Hana.

Each glass of Te Hana is made from grapes that ripen in pristine sunlight.

Te Hana Sparkling is available in three variants, each with their own vibrant flavours and perfect for any occasion:

Te Hana Sparkling Reserve Cuvée has effervescent hints of crisp apples and grapefruit with atouch of delicate brioche.

Te Hana Sparkling Rosé delights with subtle strawberry and cherry flavours and a creamy finish.

Te Hana Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc delivers luscious tropical aromas.